The company has the latest equipment and technologies that guarantee the competitiveness, quality and reliability of its developments. For this purpose, it has the following research facilities at its disposal.


  • Building with computerized temperature control (guarantees the temperature, cleanliness and relative humidity required in the manufacturing process).
  • Clean rooms.
  • Positive pressure rooms.
  • Sections with dissipative flooring.
  • Computerized benches.
  • Ultra-precision linear and angular benches.
  • HALT/HASS chamber

It also has the means to verify the characteristics of the designed devices, thus ensuring compliance with the specifications.

  • Accuracy charts for linear encoders.
  • Speed and life test for linear encoders.
  • Temperature and humidity test in environmental chambers.
  • Vibration and shock test.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility test.

It is also worth mentioning the machines and benches used in the development and validation of the control and CNC software versions.

Equipment for Product Qualification

  • Climatic Room 1 - 60 ºC.
  • 2 Humidity and Temperature Chambers.
  • Mains Driven Interference Generator.
  • Induced Interference Generator.
  • Electrostatic Discharge Generator.
  • Radiated Disturbance Generator / Receiver.
  • GETEM Camera for the Measurement of Susceptibility / Emissivity of Radiated Disturbances.

Equipment for Functional Testing

  • Precision laser benches.
  • CONFOCAL Microscope for Thin Film Measurement (up to 15 nm).
  • Digital oscilloscopes.
  • OpticalLaboratory.