Precision measuring systems

AOTEK  takes part on the development of high accuracy and high capability systems researching and applying innovative solutions based on the following 4 basis technologies involved on these systems:

precision measuring systems

✓   Mechanics: Designing, making simulations and testing a wide range of materials and mechanical components aimed to obtain the best mechanical performance.

✓   Optics: Developing innovative optic technologies that yield an improvement on the capabilities and performances of the high accuracy systems. These applies to the opto-electronics signal quality, reducing the sub-divisional error, increasing the optical signal robustness against contaminants or allowing a wider optical mounting tolerances.

✓   Software: Studying, developing and implementing state of the art control and signal compensations algorithms as well as the smarter and more intelligent image processing algorithms.

✓   Hardware: AOTEK develops hardware that provides superior electronic signal quality taking into account the extreme environmental and electromagnetics noise working conditions of the actual applications of the encoder systems. Moreover, AOTEK designs ASICs that allows to improve the sub-divisional error impact on accuracy and signal quality. These integrated circuits give a reduction of the electronics footprint and optimization of the power consumptions.

Among these new developments carried out by AOTEK, it is important to remark the 3Statech® technology. This breakthrough technology, patented by AOTEK, includes the more advanced image processing algorithms plus an optimized optics design that gives as a result the more robust and reliable absolute position detecting technology on the market.