POWER2POWER: más energía, menos impacto ambiental

Fagor Automation participa en el proyecto Power2Power, un ambicioso proyecto europeo que tiene por objetivo proporcionar soluciones mas eficientes basadas en el silicio y contribuir a la descarbonización. El proyecto Power2Power reúne a 43 socios de 8 países con el fin de desarrollar semiconductores eléctricos … More info →

Project IIOT4ALL has been successfully completed

The IIOT4ALL project has been successfully completed. This project, carried out in collaboration with AFM cluster and Savvy Data Systems, has aimed to deploy and validate a solution to acces a management system of a plant that integrates devices from previous generations that are not … More info →

AVS and Fagor Automation collaborates in the space sector

Fagor Automation and AVS collaborate together to work in the space sector. The companies Added Value Solutions (AVS) and Fagor Automation started a collaboration two years ago to develop an encoder for space applications capable of meeting the demanding requirements of current and future missions. … More info →

Fagor Automation has participated in the Laser4Surf project

Fagor Automation, a company at the forefront of technological innovation, has been collaborating in the Laser4Surf project. The aim of the project is the industrialization of the material surface treatment process during lasers with femtosecond pulses.   For 45 years, Fagor Automation has been a … More info →

Fagor Automation has joined Umati: Universal Machine Tool Interface

Fagor Automation has joined umati, an initiative of VDW, the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association. umati‘s aim is to establish a worldwide standard for the connectivity of machine tools and is based on an OPC UA companion specification. There‘s no better connection than a common language, which … More info →